Road Marking Materials

A full range of BSI Kitemark licenced thermoplastic roadmarking materials along with Innovative MMA and Chloroprene based road marking solutions.


Techline is a range of advanced thermoplastic road marking products manufactured and kitemark licensed to BS EN 1871 : 2000 and are designed to meet the requirements of BS EN 1436 : 2007. Techline is available in reflective and non reflective grades in white and yellow. The products are used for screed or extrusion applications,Read More…

TECHLINE (One Pack Epoxy)

Touchline One Pack Epoxy

An epoxy ester resin based product specifically formulated in a single pack for ease of application, as it can be applied through most types of spray equipment.¬† Techline¬†One Pack Epoxy Paint is a hard wearing product that is available in various colours and can be applied to a range of surfaces.    


Techline CR is a versatile and cost effective solvent based line marking paint. Techline CR is available in a range of colours including white and yellow. Application can be via spray, roller or brush. If necessary Techline CR can be made reflective by applying reflective glass beads to the wet surface.   Benefits – FastRead More…


Techline MMA is a range of advanced cold applied road marking products based on heavy duty BASt (German Road Institute) certificated road marking resins giving outstanding durability. Techline is available in white and yellow. Applied using manual techniques (screed box, trowel or roller) the system is designed to provide excellent performance, flexibility and resistance toRead More…