Roadtechs Infrastructure Services working with KierWSP Northamptonshire Rejuvenate and reduce costs

KierWSP has recently approved a Highway Asset Management Strategy which is built around recognising the benefits a preventative maintenance approach brings in the way that the County’s roads are maintained.

KierWSP in collaboration with Northamptonshire County Council recognises the need to continuously look for alternative cost effective treatments and embracing the emergence of asphalt rejuvenation.

Reclamite is an innovative rejuvenation treatment which extends the life of asphalt roads and pavements saving significant time and money on resurfacing and maintenance. For more details please visit

The photo shows Reclamite, the first and only penetrative asphalt rejuvenator to have a BBA/HAPAS certificate in the UK being applied to a residential site in the village of Brigstock.

To celebrate the start of the new season Roadtechs hosted a presentation at a local hotel before taking invited guests from KierWSP and other interested parties to the live works to see the process first hand. To find out how Reclamite can benefit your network please call Trevor Thompson on 01508 536360.