Reclamite is a formulated emulsion derived from the petrochemical industry and it restores the chemical elements a lost in the asphalt through aging and oxidation. Reclamite has been formulated to absorb into the asphalt road and pavement to restore durability. Reclamite extends the life of asphalt roads and pavements saving time and money on resurfacing and maintenance. The product penetrates through the voids in the asphalt surface, strengthening the asphalt and aggregate bond. This rejuvenating system means that roads that needed resurfacing can have many more years of usage.

Additional Info

  • Use: Reclamite extends the use of asphalt roads and pavements through rejuvenation
  • Where would you use it?: Roads, pavements, runways, paths & walkways, parking areas, playgrounds and sports surfaces
  • Application type: Surface spray, then grit – ready for use after 30 minutes