Decorative Paving and Anti-Slip Treatments

Roadtechs has a wide range of products which offer a high-quality, durable and decorative finishes. They are aesthetically-pleasing, as well as practical preventing weed ingress and are a deterrent for vandalism or theft as there is no re-sell value.

Our extensive selection of specialist and decorative surface products includes thermoplastic, polyurethane and epoxy systems.

For hard landscaping applications, Duraset is a resin bound surfacing system which is smooth, hard-wearing and a low maintenance porous/semi porous surfacing using a range of natural aggregates.

The finished surface is a seamless bound paving system which can be applied to asphalt and concrete or other stable substrates.

The full thickness system is laid no less than 10mm deep with carefully selected aggregates bound together in clear resin and applied to form a durable and crack resistant surface course.

It is ideal for tree pits, driveways, pathways, cycle ways, footpaths, show rooms car parks, display areas, pool surrounds, patios and terraces and access roads.

The Duraset TP application (Duraset TreePit) uses natural or recycled aggregates with an open texture which provides a highly porous surface allowing tree roots access to air and water penetration.

In addition Durapave offers a hard wearing solution by bonding loose aggregates to concrete, asphalt, wood or metal and gives the natural loose stone appearance without the associated maintenance problems.

Durapave MMA, available in a range of colours and surface finishes, is an ideal option for gateways, cycle lanes, bus lane and anti-skid systems.

And finally, Techprint is a thermoplastic durable overlay surface, specially designed to be imprinted with a variety of patterns, with Techgrip CL and BL modules available in various colours.