Bridges / Bridge Joints


Roadtechs provides a selection of bridge expansion joints and has installed a high number of asphaltic plug joints and mechanical jointing systems throughout the UK.

Our bridge joints are constructed in layers in-situ. All joints extend the full depth of the asphalt road surfacing with the joint developing a strong bond to the vertical faces of the adjacent asphalt or concrete.

Undetectable when driven over, the system is silent, completely watertight, fully flexible and can be surface dressed.

The Techjoint product is Highways Agency approved and forms an integral part of the wearing course of the bridge deck to ensure good ride quality while our mechanical jointing technique is a surface-mounted system that incorporates a central elastomeric seal inserted into two specially-designed steel carrier rails.

We also have products for bridge deck refurbishment, pedestrian walkways, subways, stair spans and traffic plates which offer anti-slip treatments and in-situ coatings to ensure a safe and resilient surface.